Some Common SEO Link Building Mistakes

One of the most common SEO strategies is link building. Basically, it is putting links on other sites that would lead to your website. It is pretty common to guest post on another blogger’s site as long as the theme of his site and your website is related. If it is not related then there is no point in doing so. One common mistake would be not to check the traffic for the blogger’s website. If the blogger only gets a thousand visits per month then there is really no point in doing business with that person. It would be a lot better if that blogger’s hits would amount to the five digits. Don’t be surprised if the blogger would want something in return for improving your SEO ranking though. If the reward is good then you may feel obliged to give in to whatever the person’s demands are because you know you are going to benefit a lot from it. They would usually want cash though which is expected.


Whatever you do, better not use the same anchor text over and over again. After all, there are a variety of anchor texts you can use for SEO purposes. If you insist on doing this, you can get penalized by Google and that is never good. It is a good thing there are many websites that would reveal a bunch of anchor text alternatives. You can just any one of them and watch your Google rankings skyrocket. Don’t forget there are also anchor texts that are pretty useless so you must avoid those as much as possible. Remember that Google is smarting up and you would not want to put articles on a site that has pretty much nothing. The website should not be built just for some link building.